Monday, July 27, 2009

Hanging out at home

Taking Grover and Bear for a walk down the block.

Feeding Blue (Alex loves helping feed Blue!)

Alex pets Blue and gets a surprise kiss!

Those are big shoes to fill!

Alex watches the train go around the track with Elmo.

Mommy made a fort!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bailey Lake, Traverse City Beach Bums Game, and the Great Lakes Children's Museum

I have been wanting to post was hard to pick which ones to include! This was our week vacation to Jeff's grandparent's place on Bailey Lake. We also drove to Traverse City and met up with Vicky, Walter, Gabe, Nate, and our friends Mike and Kara (and Anna!)

Walking down to the lake.

Stopping to smell the flowers with Mama.

This was the only day I could swim! It was so cold all week!

Walking with Dada and Great Grandma Franklin.

All smiles!

I don't want to nap...I want to go outside!!!!

Isn't it beautiful?

It was so cold, Mama and Dada bought me a Beach Bums sweatshirt. It is sa little big...I think I will be able to wear it for a few years!

Walk with Mama in the woods.

Great Lakes Children's Museaum. Of course I liked the water the most!

I think that is supposed to be Lake Michigan?

Hey! Dada and I are on TV!

Going fishing...

Beach Bums Game. That is Alex, Nathanael, Anna and Gabe with Suntan and Sunburn in the back!

Dads and the kids.

Waiting for the game to start.

High Fives!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Trying to Catch Up - The Circus!

Several weeks ago, the circus came to Wyondotte. Nana (Tammy's mom) took us all to see the circus.

All of us...(Sorry are hidden by your dad! And Jef'f is taking the picture.)

The three boys...waiting for the show to start!

Alex liked watching the animals go in and out of the building. Here come the elephants!

Gabe was brave enough to ride an elephant with his mom.

Nathanael and Walter

Everyone got a toy to take home. Gabe picked spiderman, Alex picked Dora and Nathanael picked Diego.

Enjoying dinner at Culvers afterwards! Thanks for a fun day Nana!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Time to Rest

A Time to Rest...for Mommy...Not Alex!!!

So, last week Iwas going to try really hard to update my blog. Let's just say I was slightly inconvienced. Here's what happend:

8:30 pm Tammy starts to have stomach pains
9:00 pm Jeff tells Tammy she just needs to poop :)
9:30 pm Tammy thinks it is much more than that
9:35pm Tammy calls her sister Vicky and asks, "What side is your appendix on?"
9:36 pm Vicky says she is on her way to take Tammy to ER
10:15 pm Vicky picks up Tammy...Tammy not happy about having to sit in car (very uncomfortable)
10:30pm-1:15 am Tammy sits very impatiently in a wheelchair in ER while she waits for her name to get called. During this tine she is trying very hard not to 1.Cry 2.Convince the doctors that her pain level is higher than everyone elses who is waiting!
1:30 am Finally get called! Doctor seems to need to push on Tammy stomach several times, even though Tammy cried out in pain the first time he touched her right side!
2:00 am Tammy has to drink a very large glass of ocean tasting water.
2:45 am Tammy finally finishes. Has to wait 2 hours for CT scan. During this time, Tammy finally gets pain medication and becomes slightly loopy. Jeff and Mom Meyering arrive. Vicky goes home to bed.
4:30 am CT scan
4:45 Doctor says definately surgery. Appendix is very inflammed!
Time becomes very blurry from here on out...Tammy gets taken into surgery around 6:00am...Tammy much more conscious around 9:00 am.

Spend Thursday in Hospital
Friday - home by noon

Now - slightly sore...can't bend much...can not pick up anything weighing more than 15 pounds (including Alex) for 2 weeks. Cannot drive for 1 week. Now Tammy needs to be babysat along with Alex!

So... I am now resting ALOT and Jeff follows me around telling me "Don't do that." I should be able to get updated on my blog now....I don't do much besides watch TV and hang out on the computer!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 13 - Tammy's 30th Birthday party!

On June 13, my wonderful hubby threw me a "surprise" (not exactly) 30th Birthday party. It was so much fun!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Intervarsity Friends

Alex and Nathanael playing at the water table.

Church girls (plus Evan!)

Nathanael checking out Papa.

Vicky, Andrea, Grant, Bella and Gabe going for a paddle boat ride.

Me and my mommy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I can not believe that it has been a year since I picked up Alex from the orphanage! What an amazing year. We have so much to be thankful for today!!!!

I am so behind on my blog...I will catch up this week with some older pictures from the past month. Coming this week: my 30th b-day party, the circus, Greenfield Village, The henry ford museum, up north at Jeff's Grandparents place, Beach Bums Game in Traverse City, Great Lakes Children Museum in Traverse City, and our 1 year anniversary BBQ with Alex.

But here is a picture from our BBQ from today. The kid is drenched in pool water, apple juice and lemonade ...and then he found a mud puddle to splash in. I think he had fun!!!