Friday, February 26, 2010

Where have I been for the past 5 months????

So, I am pretty sure I only have about 2 blog followers (who don't use facebook). Both of these two followers (Melissa and Aunt Judy) have requested pictures. However it takes forever to download pictures to the blog one at a time...which is why I have been posting all pictures on facebook now. So...

Melissa and Aunt Judy - you can look on the right hand side of my blog and you will see a slide show of pictures from October to February to help catch you up! (slideshows are much quicker to download!) I do encourage you to become my friend on facebook:)

Below are a few highlights of the past 5 months...Enjoy!!!!

Alex's first night in his big boy bed!

First day of school!

His teacher Mrs. Lenihan

Alex and his new cousin Baby Ayla (Dave and Jenn's baby).

Sesame Street live...a huge hit!

Nathanael (Alex's cousin) and Alex pretending to be Dora and Diego (who are also cousins!)
Just a quick update on our second adoption...we will have been waiting 4 months after next Friday. They told us that was the minimum. So...anytime in the next 2 months we should get an exciting phone call!!!!!