Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our 2nd Adoption!

Well, we are submitting our registration packet to our adoption agency. Step one is done!

Next we need to work on all our paperwork for our homestudy. Although we are just getting an updated homestudy, we still have to fill out all the paperwork again. Basically...we have to do everything for the adoption....again.

Here are our steps:

Registration paperwork...Done!
Homestudy paperwork part 1
Homestudy visit
Homestudy paperwork part 2
Register our I600-A with Immigration
Work on our Dossier
Send Dossier to Russia
Start wait for referral (about 3-6 months) least we have started. We are hoping to be traveling sometime in the Spring.

Here is a visual of how far we are in the process. The first file is the new adoption. The second file is Alex's adoption. Hmmm....I think we have a ways to go.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Alex's First Camping Trip

Last weekend we went on our first camping trip with Alex. We went to CranHill Ranch with Vicky, Walter, Gabe and Nathanael.

Jeff, Walter and Gabe slept in the blue tent. Me and Vicky slept in the bigger tent with Alex and Nathanael.

The boys checking out their new home. Do they look nervous???

Alex loved picking up pinecones!

Yummy hotdogs and baked beans!!!!

This is the park right out side our campsite. Alex loved playing there!

This game was a hit!

By the barn store...enjoying icecream!

Wagon ride...Alex was happier when it was moving! Behind us, in the fences, were 2 cows, a lama, sheep and some chickens.

Daddy's so silly...Alex is so tired!!

Bedtime...oh - this is much too fun to sleep! My buddy is right next to me!!!!

Good Morning!

Our morning walk while the boys in the blue tent were sleeping.

Wake up Dada!!!

Looking for 2

Sunday morning church in the Chapel in the Pines.

Alex says, "Sure...I'll go camping again!!! That was fun!!!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 Peas in a Pod...or a Wagon!

Alex and I went for a walk with his cousins, Gabe and Nathanael.

Despite the look on Alex's face...he really liked it!

He hung on tight when Gabe was driving!

Faster! Faster! It's raining!!!