Thursday, June 9, 2011

All about Evan!

First ride on a carousel!


 Evan loves popsicles!

 Fishing in our pool!

 Blowing bubbles!

 First trip to the beach!  Port Huron Lighthouse Beach

 Silly glasses!

  3 seconds after this picture was taken, Evan hit Alex with that shovel!!!

First trip to the Toledo Zoo!

What is Evan up to... (this is mostly for my sake...I can't believe a month has gone by.  I don't want to forget any of it!)

Words he has learned to say: dada, mama, blue, ball, balloon, book, up, more, lala - baby doll in Russian, night night, bye bye, choo choo (other people don't understand him, but we can definately tell the difference between these words!)

He loves to eat!  He doesn't like trying new foods, unless he sees Alex eating them.  Then he will try them.  He is very particular about his snacks.  Cheerioes are not his first choice for a snack (he would rather have fruit loops!)  When you give him a snack cup of cheerioes, he usually throws it and cries for a while.  But if you ignore him, he goes back and picks them up and eats every last one of them!

He loves the water now!  He used to hate bathtimes, but now he looks forward to them and tries to climb in the bathtub during the day!  He will stick his face in the water to blow bubbles, he will pour water over his head and if the water is low enough he will even lay down in it!

Alex and Evan have a favorite game...Balls in the Bed.  Evan climbs in the bed and ALex pulls out his basket of balls.  Alex throws the balls in the bed as fast as he can and Evan throws them out as fast as he can.  All the while Evan is laughing and Alex is singing "Balls in the bed!"

He wants to drink anything he sees, lemonaide, smoothies, my ice cappachinoes, pop out of pop cans, and slurpies!  He thinks he can have anything!

He understands everything we say!  Today I said, "Alex, get your sippy cup, lets go to school."  Evan grabbed his sippy cup and headed to the door! 

He loves shoes.  He likes to put them on (Alex's, mine, Jeffs, his own...)  He also likes to move them throughout the house.  Today I found Jeff and I's flip flops in Alex's bedroom!

He likes shutting doors...but he can't open them.  Sometimes he will shut himself in his room or Alex's room and then get very mad that he can't get out!  Alex usually rescues him.

He loves to dance...he will start dancing everytime he hears music.  He will even dance when I am using the can opener!!

Just some thoughts about Evan that I don't want to forget.  If you read them all I hope you enjoyed them!!!