Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We are Home!!!! And Evan makes our family 4!

We are finally home!  We have been home for about a week and a half and Evan is doing great.  His big brother on the other hand has been sick since for almost a week now.  The doctors said it is a viral infection and should be better by today.  He just went to bed with no fever...we are hoping it stays that way tonight or else we will be back to the doctors tomorrow!

Evan is adjusting well...he is a happy little guy!  He is also a typical little 18 month old and is trying to find out what his boundries are and looking to find out how consistant his new mommy and daddy are going to be!  He has been a little bit of a stinker...but it is so fun to see his personality come out!

I will try to post some "at home" pictures soon.  I had hoped to have posted all of this sooner...but with Alex being sick it has been difficult. 

Below are a handful of pictures of us in Russia with Evan.

Evan in Russia!

Car Ride home from the orphanage

  Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

 Playing in the hotel room


 Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood

 Saint Isaac's Cathedral


 First Trip to Mc Donalds!

 Helping himself to more fries!

 Winter Palace

 Best Russian pancakes!

 Train to Moscow

 He is a little ham!

 Evan fell asleep on our walk to Red Square

 Looking for birds in Red Square

 Saint Basils Cathedral

 All Smiles!

 Shopping on Old Arbat street

Plane ride home!