Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent According to Evan:

Evan wanted to complete our advent calendar this morning. Baby Jesus is over by the to a star on the grass. The shephard in sleeping in the manger and a wiseman is in the angel's place!

Evan's Big Boy Bed!

Well, Evan can offically climb out of his crib so we took the crib down and put in his new big boy bed.  He LOVES it!!!!

Dora and Star Wars bring me to tears!

Walked in on Alex playing with Darth Vader and Dora. Darth Vader was hitting Dora with his light saber. Alex was using a mean voice for Darth Vader saying, "I am going to get you!" And he used a girly voice for Dora saying, "I'm hurt!" THIS IS HUGE!!!!! Alex is finally pretending!!!! WITHOUT OUR HElP!!!! So, we found luke Skywalker and he started to protect Dora. We played star wars before bed tonight! HUGE HUGE STRIDES FOR AlEX!!!!!! Autism Play Project is paying off!!!