Monday, October 20, 2008

Picking out Pumpkins

This was my first trip to the pumpkin patch...

Mommy and Daddy told me to find a good pumpkin...

How am I supposed to pick this up????

There's gotta be a good one around here somewhere... me!!!

I'll take this one!!!

I think mommy just wants to scrapbook this event...maybe if I smile nice she will stop taking pictures...

Finally!!! We got one just my size!

Oh wait...I like this one too!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

At Aunt Judy's Request!

Well, Aunt Judy has requested more pictures so here we go!!!
(We love your support Aunt Judy!!!)


Gabe's pirate birthday party...we dressed up for the occasion!

I like to feed myself!

I'm a little more comfortable with grass now...

...Especially when I can feed it to mommy!

Mommy taught me how to play hide and go seek...I get very excited when I find her!

I've been practicing stacking blocks.

And coloring!!

And I still love my books!